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The Women's Innovation Group

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Why join the Women’s Innovation Group (WIG)? Even though social media is an excellent way to promote your business, there is no substitute for the "face-to-face" business networking opportunities. WIG provides regular occasions increase your business success through regular meetings with business owners and corporate partners. Joining WIG opens the door for personal interaction with like-minded people and businesses who are invaluable sources of information and support. This is especially important for all size businesses to develop win-win scenarios and enlarging professional networks.

We are always mindful of the group dynamic and we consciously blend serious the members, partners and sponsors to offer meaningful workshops and meetings.  WIG’s priority is growth, development and value to its members, partners and sponsors.

Dependent on the of membership level you select there are opportunities to increase your digital exposure and present your business to the group. With all memberships, WIG encourages its membership and corporate partners to do business with each other when possible. Organizations with websites often allow members to list their businesses in their online directories for free, or advertise without cost on their sites.

Besides the support and camaraderie, belonging to WIG can increase your business's credibility. Many potential clients or customers view membership in relevant business groups as a sign that you're an established business and accepted by your industry.

Being a member is a great way to contribute to the growth of your industry and keep up with advances in your field, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn from others who may have more experience or new ideas.

Membership definitely has its privileges with WIG!

Join Us Today!


  • Unlimited attendance to events, meetings, networking and workshops

  • Entitled to a minimum of one "Member Workshop" featuring business or service per membership year

  • Unlimited to Resource Center for business development


  • Unlimited attendance to events, networking and workshops

  • Access to market products and services to membership at reduced pricing


  •  Additional privileges include a table at all meetings and workshop (excluding conflict of interest).  Also sponsor two workshops annually to highlight the company’s products and services.

  • Display space during WIG events, meetings, and workshops

  • Sponsor up to two workshops annually to highlight partner products and services

  • Entitled to one year of partner featuring on website

  • Member

    Valid for one year
  • Friend

    Valid for one year
  • Partner

    Valid for one year
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