Technical Program

Program Overview:

The Fast Track IT Program is a specialized initiative designed to impart knowledge to students on cutting-edge technology applications, terminology, and industry standards essential for aspiring IT professionals. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips individuals with the skills required to pursue rewarding careers in the IT sector, providing a pathway to employment opportunities upon successful completion of the certification. In today's job market, IT skills are crucial, with proficiency in applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint being standard requirements across various industries. Moreover, possessing in-depth knowledge of PC functionality and repair is a valuable asset. With the escalating demand for IT positions, this program offers individuals the chance to seize lucrative opportunities in the ever-evolving tech industry. The primary objective of the program is to deliver a high-quality learning experience that prepares students for successful IT careers, enabling them to secure entry-level positions through certification.

Target Audience/Quality:

The Technical Program caters to individuals with a history of incarceration holding a high school diploma or GED, committed to completing the program successfully. To ensure top-notch quality, the program maintains a low student-to-instructor ratio, limiting class sizes to 15 students. The course is led by experienced instructors with a background in the IT field, facilitating a conducive learning environment. Post-completion of the program and certification attainment, each student will receive assistance in job placement.

Course Details:

Spanning a duration of 10 weeks, the course is structured to be comprehensive yet accessible, led by seasoned instructors. The curriculum is intricately curated from the CompTIA A+ book, covering a wide range of topics from PC components to basic network setups. Students engage in hands-on learning experiences, including disassembling and reassembling PCs to gain familiarity with components and troubleshooting techniques. The program emphasizes interactivity through visual aids and practice exams to evaluate student readiness for the official CompTIA A+ certification test. Each student receives course materials encompassing all lessons, along with two testing vouchers for the certification exam, which comprises two parts (801,802) and is recognized as a vendor-neutral certification essential for roles such as IT Support Administrators, IT Support Technicians, and Field Service Technicians across the industry.

Upon completion of the Sheriff IT Program, students will demonstrate competency in the following key areas:

  • Proficiency in PC components
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Assembly and disassembly of desktops, laptops, and servers
  • Basic Networking and Security
  • System installations and configurations
  • Printer operations
  • Operating systems knowledge
  • Preventative maintenance and safety procedures


  • Educate students on PC fundamentals with hands-on experience
  • Provide pathways to IT career opportunities


  • Industry-standard IT education of the highest quality
  • Certification vouchers for exam eligibility
  • Assistance with internship placements or job opportunities

Enroll in the Technical Program today and equip yourself with the skills and certifications needed to thrive in the dynamic field of Information Technology.