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Empowering women business owners to internalize comprehensive business principles and create an environment that inspires collaboration and networking.

A Group That Empowers


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Our Mission

Women’s Innovation Group (WIG) trains Proverb 31 woman to incorporate the principles of business, in a supportive environment that fosters productive business relationships and innovation.

WIG will facilitate various outreach programs, events, conferences, and fairs tailored to address all areas. All workshops, classes, training, and seminars will be developed under the Resource Center.


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Join Us

Even though social media is an excellent way to promote your business, there is no substitute for the "face-to-face" business networking opportunities. Women’s Innovation Group provides regular occasions increase your business success through regular meetings with business owners and corporate partners. Joining the Women’s Innovation Group opens the door for personal interaction with like-minded people and businesses who are invaluable sources of information and support. This is especially important for all size businesses to develop win-win scenarios and enlarging professional networks.

This Month's Member Spotlight

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Dr. Avida Bussell


Office Number: 708-586-9798

Dr. Avida Bussell is a board-certified emergency medicine physician with fourteen years of community-based practice. She is also board certified in obesity medicine and currently seeking certification in functional medicine. She has a special interest in alternative health interventions including plant derived nutraceuticals such as essential oils, culinary therapeutics, and urban gardening. Dr. Bussell’s current wellness practice focuses on acute to chronic pain and disease syndromes with a focus on lifestyle-mental/behavioral interventions that address nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene, movement/ strength/exercise, and self-care. Diagnostic evaluations include biomarker physical assessment and laboratory testing. All clinic treatments are minimally invasive and include massage/aroma touch, deep cold laser, far infrared therapy, IV/IM vitamin injections/infusions and PRP services (aesthetic, hair re-growth, intra-articular).

Dr. Bussell earned a BS in Industrial Engineering and Business Management from Northwestern University in 1992. She worked for Chicago Housing Authority as a project coordinator for several years before pursuing pre-medical studies. During this transitional period, she worked as a university research assistant and bioscience tutor while becoming a licensed colon- hydro therapist and health coach.


In 2008, she graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago College Of Medicine earning her medical degree and completing studies in Public Health. Dr. Bussell completed residency training in emergency medicine at John H. Stroger Cook County Hospital. She has worked tirelessly to provide exceptional medical care to patients and families over the last fourteen years.


Dr. Bussell’s patient care experiences with chronic illness and pain management heightened her interests in safe, alternative, and complementary interventions. She believes an integrative approach to medicine is key to addressing the “opioid-pain crisis” and the alarming rise in chronic illness across generations.

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