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Empowering women business owners to internalize comprehensive business principles and create an environment that inspires collaboration and networking.

A Group That Empowers


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Our Mission

Women’s Innovation Group (WIG) trains Proverb 31 woman to incorporate the principles of business, in a supportive environment that fosters productive business relationships and innovation.

WIG will facilitate various outreach programs, events, conferences, and fairs tailored to address all areas. All workshops, classes, training, and seminars will be developed under the Resource Center.


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Join Us

Even though social media is an excellent way to promote your business, there is no substitute for the "face-to-face" business networking opportunities. Women’s Innovation Group provides regular occasions increase your business success through regular meetings with business owners and corporate partners. Joining the Women’s Innovation Group opens the door for personal interaction with like-minded people and businesses who are invaluable sources of information and support. This is especially important for all size businesses to develop win-win scenarios and enlarging professional networks.

This Month's Member Spotlight

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Sharon Hodges

S.D. Hodges & Associates, P.C.

18207 Dixie Hwy, Suite B

Homewood IL 60430

Phone: (708) 279-4151

Fax: (708) 223-7440

Sharon Hodges has been a CPA for 27 years and has experience in tax preparation for over 30 years. Her company, S.D. Hodges & Associates has vast experience in corporate and personal needs allowing her to focus on making financial life easy for businesses and individuals alike. Ms. Hodges has experience with large and small businesses and provides clients a personal service that has sustained business relationships for over 18 years. Her staff is well trained to handle all corporate and personal needs.


S.D. Hodges & Associates has experience in all manner of corporate work including but not limited to, income tax, financial statement preparation, acquisition, business restructuring, cash management, corporate filings, loan assistance, payroll services, sales tax and preparation of annual reports. Individual work consists of, income tax preparation, income tax consulting and minimization, budgeting, loan assistance, life insurance, annuities and other services.


Ms. Hodges also serves on the board of a charitable organization and works with banks and professional service businesses to provide financial education for existing businesses as well as workshops for individuals looking to start a business.

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