Our Programs

  • Business Empowerment Programs:

    At Women's Innovation Group, our Business Empowerment Programs are designed to equip women entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive business landscape. From strategic planning and financial management to marketing strategies and leadership development, our programs cover a wide range of topics essential for business success. Through interactive workshops, expert-led seminars, and one- on-one coaching sessions, we empower women to unlock their full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve their business goals.

  • Pre-Apprenticeship Program:

    Embark on Your Path to Success with the Pre-Apprenticeship Program at Women's Innovation Group and Illinois Works in Construction. Our FREE program, available to all Illinois residents with a focus on women, individuals of color, and veterans, is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to transition seamlessly into a Department of Labor registered apprenticeship in the trades and explore various employment opportunities. This comprehensive training initiative prepares individuals for entry into general construction trades apprenticeships, paving the way for a rewarding and fulfilling career in the construction and building trades industry.

  • Technical Program

    The Technical Program caters to high school students and individuals re-entering society committed to completing the program successfully. To ensure top-notch quality, the program maintains a low student-to-instructor ratio, limiting class sizes to 15 students. The course is led by experienced instructors with a background in the IT field, facilitating a conducive learning environment. Post-completion of the program and certification attainment, each student will receive assistance in job placement.


Upcoming Workshops

Community Health Fair with Dr. Avida Bussell

Awards Gala

2024 Fundraising Gala will dazzle and sizzle with the year's top women leaders. Details coming soon!



Being a part of the Women's Innovation Group has been transformative for my entrepreneurial journey. The resources, mentorship, and supportive community provided by this organization have empowered me to overcome challenges and achieve milestones I never thought possible. I am grateful for their commitment to fostering women's success in business.

Anna Simmons


As a woman in the male-dominated tech industry, finding a supportive network can be challenging. However, Women's Innovation Group has been a game-changer for me. Through their workshops, networking events, and mentorship programs, I've not only enhanced my skills but also gained confidence in my abilities. I'm proud to be a part of a community that uplifts and celebrates women's achievements in innovation.

Samantha Patel

Tech Professional

Women's Innovation Group has been instrumental in helping me grow my small business. From providing valuable insights on marketing strategies to connecting me with like-minded entrepreneurs, the support I've received from this organization has been invaluable. Thanks to their guidance, I've been able to navigate challenges more effectively and take my business to new heights.

Maria Rodriguez

Small Business Owner

As a woman pursuing a career in STEM, I often felt isolated and underestimated. However, Women's Innovation Group has been a beacon of support throughout my journey. Their workshops and seminars have not only expanded my knowledge but also introduced me to incredible role models who have inspired me to pursue my passion relentlessly. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities and encouragement provided by this organization.

Jessica Whitiker

STEM Researcher