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Empowering women business owners to internalize comprehensive business principles and create an environment that inspires collaboration and networking.

A Group That Empowers


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Our Mission

Women’s Innovation Group (WIG) trains Proverb 31 woman to incorporate the principles of business, in a supportive environment that fosters productive business relationships and innovation.

WIG will facilitate various outreach programs, events, conferences, and fairs tailored to address all areas. All workshops, classes, training, and seminars will be developed under the Resource Center.


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Join Us

Even though social media is an excellent way to promote your business, there is no substitute for the "face-to-face" business networking opportunities. Women’s Innovation Group provides regular occasions increase your business success through regular meetings with business owners and corporate partners. Joining the Women’s Innovation Group opens the door for personal interaction with like-minded people and businesses who are invaluable sources of information and support. This is especially important for all size businesses to develop win-win scenarios and enlarging professional networks.

This Month's Member Spotlight

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Tracey Sturdivant

Phone: (312) 300-0455


Instagram: @sturdivantsbu

Tracey has been a licensed nail tech and esthetician for over 20 years.  She specializes in nail services, both natural and artificial, as well as skin care treatments. Early in her career, she was recognized as a leader and was encouraged to start training others. Tracey has been an educator and nail trainer for more than 15 plus years. Having worked for major salon and spa, mobile and nail manufacturing companies, these opportunities have given her the experience, knowledge, and motivation to want to build her own company. Becoming a licensed instructor in the state of Illinois, has helped with her passion to help others. It is the driving force to become an influencer, icon and standard for business and services in the Beauty industry.

Tracey is a active member in her community and uses her knowledge and training to do charity work.  She is instrumental in uniting other local artists in the beauty industry together to provide services to surrounding high school programs with Sturdivant's Beauty Unlimited, LLC. Her mission is to provide education, training and encouragement to her peers and empower them to do great things in business and their communities.

Tracey utilizes her talents in marketing and public speaking globally and throughout the Midwest, Wisconsin, and Tennessee sharing her knowledge and experiences with her  audiences.

One of her passions is to educate others about the necessity of good and safe footcare.  Throughout the world and in our communities, declining health of Americans is on the rise. A lot of the issues are simple but do influence our self-esteem and daily life. We have access to information by the minute at our fingertips however what is the correct thing to do? What do you do if you have stinky, sweaty feet?
Is a podiatrist your only option? No, a licensed, skilled nail technician can help with some of these troublesome yet simple issues. If you have questions regarding your foot care or that of your family, I’m here for you! 

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